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One Love to Treasure Beach

Lashings is very grateful to all local stakeholders for supporting us and the wider community in these difficult times. We appreciate it when they recommend us to their guests and we always like to return the favour by encouraging our guests to explore the Treasure Beach area, with its wonderful shops, bars, cafes and restaurants.

As a big thank you, we are planning to advertise local businesses for free in our Treetop Bar - on our famous wooden rafter signs. These will be created by the Media Centre in Junction, St Elizabeth, which recently designed all our new branding. Lashings is not charging for this and hopes everyone from fisherfolk and fruit salespeople, to fellow hotel and restaurant owners, will join our "hall of fame".

Owner David Folb said: "The welcoming and friendly vibe in wonderful Treasure Beach is something that is really precious to all of us and a goal we are always working towards, so we hope that this small gesture will help continue to foster cooperation within our amazing community."

Please email or call The Media Centre if you are interested in taking up this offer, with the details of what you would like on your sign and using the reference “Lashings TB business signs”. We will do the rest!

+1 876 861 5323

Please feel free to forward this to any other businesses you think would benefit.


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