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Lords & Commons Visit

We had an outstanding evening with the Lords and Commons Cricket Team. The Jamaica Tourist Board, government officials and overseas ministers all ate, partied and danced the night away. The food was amazing, service impeccable, vibe outrageous and music sensational - all down to our fantastic staff for quality and service. Shanakay, Damion Eric and Natalie were the front of house, but they will be first to admit it can’t be done without our incredible staff. Thank you all for making the night so special.

The cricket match, against Treasure Beach All Stars on 6th August, is part of our local Independence Day celebrations. There will also be a boat regatta, street parade and a sports festival. Chris Gayle, aka Universe Boss, is taking part to promote sports tourism in Jamaica. Gayle is one of four players who scored two triple centuries in test cricket. The batsman, who is now also a reggae star, visited 10 Downing Street in England last month and met Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and cabinet minister, Nigel Adams MP to discuss how to promote the game.

He told the Gleaner: "This will be the third time that the House of Lords and Commons from Britain will be visiting Treasure Beach to play a charity match. Sports tourism is something that Treasure Beach is very strategic about.

“Treasure Beach is a fishing village and we wanted to honour this tradition, so the fishermen agreed to carry 60 flags across along the coast past all the districts of Billy’s Bay, Frenchman’s Bay, Calabash Bay, Old Wharf and Great Bay. All these districts make up the community of Treasure Beach. We are expecting 30 boats.”



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