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Half Million Dollar Pledge to Hospitals

Staff at Mandeville Hospital receiving supplies

As efforts continue to assist hospitals in southern Jamaica to treat Covid-19 patients, an anonymous donor has come forward to pledge $500,000 ja. The donation comes as managers at Black River, May Pen and Mandeville hospitals have asked for support to provide medical supplies, beds, tablets and additional items to make patients comfortable and help to treat those in need of urgent care. The supply is being coordinated by David Folb of Lashings Hotel in Treasure Beach, with the help of villa owners in the area.

Mr Folb said: “As if life cannot get more humbling, yesterday saw so many more great donations come in for our fund raising drive and then a secret donation came in matching up to half a million Jamaican dollars to any monies donated from now on to this humanitarian cause. This will be for specific medical items, which will be agreed and approved by the regional health director.

“This person loves that the frontline health workers have been encouraged through this drive and that our team is delivering the items personally. This is an incredible act of human kindness. It is utterly amazing how this community has reacted and I honestly feel quite humbled to be a tiny part of this humanitarian drive - it shows the very best in human nature.”

Delivery to Black River Hospital

Sun loungers from hotels for Mandeville Hospital<