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Celebrate Jamaica at 60!

Treasure Beach is celebrating Jamaica’s 60th anniversary of independence on Saturday August 6th, with a fun day of activities - all are welcome!

We are marking this historic event with a big day of free events, sponsored by Lashings, Jakes Hotel and the Jamaica Tourist Board. It will start with a boat parade along the coast with 30 vessels, which can be seen from vantage points along the route, including Billy’s Bay, Frenchman’s Bay, Old Wharf, Great Bay and Calabash Bay. Following the landing of the boats in Calabash, a marching band will lead a street parade to the Breds Treasure Beach Sports Park.

This will be followed by a sports festival featuring Universe Boss, cricket superstar Chris Gayle and celebrity friends. After the full day of sports, stars and music at Breds, the celebration continues with a concert and fireworks at Jack Sprat, Treasure Beach.

Please come join the celebration!

9am — Boat Parade 30 boats, flying two large Jamaican flags each, will make their way along the south coast route from Fort Charles to Billy’s Bay, Frenchman’s Bay, Old Wharf, Great Bay, ending at Calabash Bay.

11am — Street Parade Marching band will lead hundreds of locals and visitors of all ages carrying small Jamaican flags from Calabash Bay, where boats will end parade, to Treasure Beach Sports Park.

12 noon — Sports Festival Football / netball / zip line Celebrity cricket matches Chris Gayle Universal Boss vs Treasure Beach All Stars Music and commentator 60 flags will be placed around boundary of cricket and football field

8pm — Concert and fireworks at Jack Sprat, Treasure Beach.

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