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A Little Bit of History

“Lashings”, noun, informal British, meaning a copious amount of something, especially food or drink.

Art by Deloris Anglin, on sale in Lashings Gallery

Guests often ask us what the origin of the name Lashings is. So here is a little explanation of our origins and proud links to international cricket.

The name Lashings originally came from a restaurant and bar which our owner David Folb (aka Folby) ran in the UK. It always supplied “lashings” of food and drink, meaning the name became synonymous with good times. When Folby set up an international touring cricket club he gave it the same name and the Lashings brand was born. Later came Lashings Hotel, initially a private villa, which over the years has gradually expanded into the resort and beach club we know today.

Memorabilia from the Lashings XI cricket team can be seen around the hotel. It is famously heralded as the Harlem Globetrotters of cricket and for the last 30 years has played all over the world - raising thousands of dollars for charities. Featuring huge West Indian and Indian stars such as Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara, Sir Viv Richards, Courtenay Walsh, Henry Olonga and Sir Richie Richardson. The team was invited by the Jamaican government to open the Trelawny Stadium as an opener to the Cricket World Cup.

Phil De Freitas, Devon Malcolm, David Folb, John Emburey and John Lever.

Lashings was the first team to play in Montserrat after the volcano, having played around the world from townships in South Africa, to Qatar in the Middle East - at the same time bringing cricket equipment to many schools in deprived countries. Although he no longer manages the team, Folby still regularly links up with his old cricket chums. Many of the Lashings XI cricketing greats regularly stay here. He even brought the English House of Commons and Lords teams to open in the local sports park!

Run by Folby and his wife Lisa, over the years Lashings Hotel has attracted thousands of tourists to the island and continues to do so. It has become a favourite haunt for not only international visitors, but Jamaicans island wide. Promoting community tourism by employing more than 60 local people and supporting businesses in Treasure Beach by remaining non all-inclusive in order to spread the love to the area’s bars and restaurants. Also helping local charities and supporting Jamaican artists with our art gallery.

Installing electric car chargers, setting up plastic recycling collection points and planting new trees are just a few of the many ways Lashings is helping to bring eco tourism to Jamaica. During the Covid pandemic, Lashings raised funds and organised equipment for regional hospitals. If you would like information on how to support our local charities please ask for details in reception.

Folby adds: “Lashings came from the English phrase ‘lashings of food’. I’ve always thought it would make a great name, so that’s what I called my bar in the UK and the touring international cricket team I founded. When I built a villa in Treasure Beach it seemed natural to call it Lashings too. This expanded into a boutique hotel and we now also have Lashings Beach Club - so the name lives on!

“Lashings encompasses the concept of affordable luxury. We believe everyone should get the VIP vacation and dining experience, without the high price tag. We’re not like the large resorts in that we are not all inclusive – encouraging our guests to support local businesses. I live on site with Jamaican wife Lisa and our son Alec, so I meet every visitor - making them feel welcome and special.”

Article by Lucy Atherton



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