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Duran Chambers is truly a local artist, as he runs the award winning art department  at nearby Newell High School! A charming man and a talented artist, Duran teaches grades 6-11. Thanks to him Newell has really made a name for itself as a place where young artists flourish.

He says: "Nature holds an energy that heals and gives life. It reminds you to stop ever so often to inhale love and exhale the burdens that come with hatred.

"Inhale positivity so as to detach the poisonous mist of negativity lingering in the atmosphere of our thoughts. And as we transition into the different phases of physical growth so must we also seek to manifest renewal in our intellectual, spiritual, and emotional spaces.

"In doing this, we rid our beings of the emptiness of a purposeless reality and the spirit of vain pleasures lurking in the shadows and would have elevated ourselves to the statue of a functional depict of the image of our creation."

Untitled | Duran Chambers

  • 22x24

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