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Andy Jefferson has been a practicing fine artist for more than forty years and has had more than 20 solo exhibitions in Jamaica and abroad. He moved to Jamaica in 1982 and started teaching  printmaking at the Jamaica School of Art, later re-named the Edna Manley School for the Visual Arts.

Andy mainly works in printmaking, acrylics and mixed media painting and continues to use Jamaica as his inspiration for his work. He currently travels between the UK and Jamaica and while in Jamaica lives and works from his studio in the Blue Mountains above Kingston.

Though born in the UK, graduating from Plymouth and Exeter art colleges, Andy has worked on many solo and group shows mainly in Jamaica, where his work is based on the stunning landscapes and vibrant people of the island. His work also touches on many of the social issues that affect Jamaica.

His recent abstract work combines the years of looking at Jamaica with a more global approach and utilises a lot of the found objects of every day life, combining his love of printmaking with his textural painting and love of collage.

Three Wise Men | Andy Jefferson

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