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Maxi Priest Joins TBFC!

World famous reggae singer Maxi Priest has joined the board of directors at Treasure Beach FC, on the south coast of Jamaica. He was formally appointed at a meeting on 17th July at Lashings Boutique Hotel, in the well known tourist town. A two time Grammy award winning artist, Maxi Priest briefly played for a British non-league football club, Southall, and is a well known Manchester United supporter.

The President of Jamaican Football Federation Michael Ricketts and the local St Elizabeth MP Floyd Green also attended. They were joined by Crenston Boxhill, former President of the Jamaica Football Federation, Patrick ‘Patcha’ Malcolm President of the St Elizabeth FA and Fitzroy Chedda, the Vice President of the St Elizabeth FA - all of whom have great ambitions for the new look club and voiced their support for the thriving team.

The club’s President, Lashings owner David Folb, said: “It’s all change for Treasure Beach FC, with a new highly skilled, slimmed down board of directors which will bring a new professionalism to our club. It’s really big news for us that we have attracted such a big name as Maxi Priest to join our board of directors. It all came about after I met him and discovered Maxi’s love of football and I told him that this was the club to join!

“Treasure Beach is also humbled to have such Jamaican footballing royalty joining us. All those at the meeting left impressed at the new level of professionalism and ambition in place. Treasure Beach FC with its exciting new coach is making the whole island sit up and take notice!”

Mr Folb gives credit to the passion held by fellow board members Carlton Taylor, Garnett Staple, Eric Mullins and Paul Bernard. He says: “These are the people that can make history here! Too long the sleeping giant has not been able to spread himself, but things are happening here and with new sponsorship and an MP in Floyd Green, who cares about the local community, we can go places. All those at the meeting left with good and positive vibes that things are about to change football wise in Treasure Beach.”

Treasure Beach FC started in 1995 in Division 2 and has advanced through Division 1, Major League and is now considered ‘the team to beat’ in the Super League in the South Central region. Last season TBFC finished second in the league, with all those involved convinced it would have ended the season at the top had the Covid-19 pandemic not cut the season short.

TBFC’s Chairman Jason Henzell, owner of Jakes in Treasure Beach, said: “Over the years we have hosted several teams, camps and international sporting personalities. We have also secured scholarships for several former players of Treasure Beach FC to colleges overseas due to hosting the Jonathan Hibbert showcase and saw one of our players transferred to play for a team in Germany.

“We also believe in improving the playing surfaces of fields and have agreed with HEART to offer a horticulture program with a focus on groundskeeping and turf management. Ultimately, we would like our grounds to be associated with the JFF for training and hosting of certain events, including the development of futsal and beach football.”

For more information please contact Lucy Atherton PR or David Folb, President TBFC on 876 553 3424 or



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