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COLIN GARLAND (1935-2007)
Born in Sydney, Australia
Died in St. Mary, Jamaica

Colin Garland was born in Sydney and moved to Jamaica in 1962,  living here until his death. He often exhibited his work in Jamaica and in many galleries worldwide.

His work can be found in many private collections and in museums and institutions such as the National Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica.

Art historians generally view Garland in terms of a surrealist aesthetic or approach. His visual narratives are allegories of actual situations, interpersonal relationships and psychological insights represented through fantastic juxtapositions of various objects with humans and anthropomorphic creatures.

As essentially an academic painter, Garland studied the work of various European masters. Of particular interest to him were those painters who utilized scenes of fantasy and mythology. Such artists included early Renaissance painters Sandro Botticelli and Piero della Francesca as well as their Netherlandish contemporary Hieronymus Bosch. Garland was also interested in the work of Jamaican master intuitive painter, John Dunkley as well as the work of the Haitian self-taught artists.

Untitled | Colin Garland

  • 20x14

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